Whether you want to upgrade every TV in your home to full HD or you’re looking to liven up a commercial space with rows of 1080p displays, you’ll want to make sure you have durable and discreet HDMI cables that minimize the chances that hanging wires and poor connections won’t distract eyes from the content that’s playing on your screens.

Able to support over a billion colors and 1080p output, and even higher, our Cromo HDMI cables come in a variety of lengths to make sure you get the best fit for each of your displays and avoid having relocate your screen or to deal with hanging wires. Their slimline form factor are designed to easily insert into recessed ports.

Just as compact and even more robust, our Cromo DisplayPort cables are cable of comfortably accommodating resolutions well beyond the waning 1080p standard. Like our HDMI cables, our Cromo DisplayPort access are gold-plated to ensure the best possible connection to your displays.

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