Do you have two devices that have no means of communicating with each other? There’s almost certainly an adapter to facilitate communications between your components and their cables.

Even the most complex tasks can be simplified with audio adapters from Connectivity Center. For example, you can extend the reach of a cable with a coupler, share an audio signal with a splitter, or marry left and right channels with a combiner.  We also offer low-priced stereo jacks and audio cables in this section, for simple, everyday tasks such as wiring speakers and receivers.

From iPhone adapters and 3.5mm - 2.5mm connectors to TosLink mini converters and sound links that send audio from CD/DVD Rom drives to computer soundcards, making connections work is only a matter of finding the right adapter or cable to connector to facilitate the connection.

We also carry a host of highly-conductive, gold-plated adapters to preserve the quality of your audio as it passes from one end of your setup to the other.

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