Bulk Cable

Finding the sweet spot between cables that hang down and lines that are too short comes down to your ability to measure the appropriate amount of Ethernet cable required for your setup. A 100-meter spool of Ethernet cable might be 10 feet too short, while 150 meters may be several meters too long. The solution? Bulk cabling from Connectivity Center.

If you are going have to strip, cut, and cap cables to make them the exact length you need, it is often more practical to skip the stripping bit and start with unfinished bulk cable. We specialize in offering quality bulk Ethernet cables manufactured with long-lasting materials. For example, our bulk Cat6 cable features a stranded core design that allows for repeated flexing without damage, so you can be sure it will last.

We carry Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 bulk cable at Connectivity Center. You can trim this cable to the desired length and cap it off with our Ethernet connector ends. Because you will provide the finishing touches, you will find that our bulk Ethernet cables generally come at a lower cost than the finished varieties. Our bulk cables range in length from 100 meters to 305 meters.