Wall outlets & boxes

Some digital boardrooms and A/V studios gradually evolve from a mass of boxes and wires into a space with some semblance of order: others are carefully considered and budgeted from start to finish as the plans are taken to fruition. No matter how you decide on the best layout for your A/V and network equipment, the decision to take wires beyond the wall is a turning point that signifies that the setup will be installed for the long haul.

Wall outlets and back boxes allow you to establish a neat and permanent layout for your studio, office, server room or any other space devoted to network and A/V equipment. Build a professional-grade configuration with quality-made keystones for USB, DisplayPort, Cat6A, HDMI and other essential powering solutions from Connectivity Center.

Our selection of faceplates and back covers run the gamut from snap-in plates and bezels fitted with dust covers to plates fitted with A/V ports, snap-in extender modules and surface mounted back boxes.

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