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Do you want a multi-monitor setup but don’t have enough video outputs? Connectivity Center’s video switches and selectors can save the day! These devices are designed to enable you to not only connect multiple monitors but also to switch between them on the fly. Our collection of video switches includes products with a whole range of useful features. Take advantage of add-ons such as support for quad-monitor setups, integrated detection software, and control capabilities that let you toggle your displays remotely.

Four-monitor support still not enough to get the job done for you? We have even more diverse options that can fulfill the needs of your studio, conference room or home office. Many of our switches also include mounting solutions so that you can have the luxury of placing your hub wherever you decide is most convenient for your setup.

If you happen to be dealing with the inverse of this situation, check out our KVM switches that control multiple computers from a single monitor, keyboard and mouse setup.

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  1. 2 Port VGA Auto Switch
    2 Port VGA Auto Switch
    Part #: 32585
  2. HDMI 1.3b Switch Remote - 2 Port
    HDMI 1.3b Switch Remote - 2 Port
    Part #: 32593