Splitter (DisplayPort-HDMI-DVI-VGA)

Don’t limit your audience. Connectivity Center offers quality-made video splitter boxes, which are designed to maximize your output without minimizing the quality of your broadband video when it is shared across multiple displays. Uncompressed HDMI video can travel a lot further than the compressed feed offered by pay TV providers. Supply your project or display with high-definition video streaming out of a single source. Depending on how many displays you choose to feed your video to, you can even stream 4K video to multiple outputs. And you aren't limited to splitting just HDMI video: you can also divide the output of other high-fidelity video interfaces, such as DVI and VGA. Check out our inventory of video splitters. Connectivity Center carries a wide variety of options for multiple other configurations. And if you need to go from one video interface to another, be sure to explore our selection of conversion and presentation products, too.
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