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Whether you're listening for business or pleasure, a great pair of headphones will offer the frequency range and bass response needed to help you hear the best reproduction of the original signal. Connectivity Center offers high-quality headphones designed for crisp, clear audio and all-day comfort. Perfect for listening to music, watching movies, playing games or communicating in the workplace, Connectivity Center has many quality options for all your audio needs.

For audio engineers and sound technicians, our high-fidelity headset offers an uncompromising level of audio playback. And whether you're working in a makeshift studio or sitting in the noisy cabin of an airplane, our active-noise cancelling headsets will shield your ears from noise pollution so that you can pick up the most important information without distraction.

Along with our selection of full-size headphones, you'll find dual-driver earbuds, with 2.5mm jacks and 3.5mm adapters, and over-the-ear headsets fitted with microphones for chatting.

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