Extender (DisplayPort-HDMI-DVI-VGA)

Even if you have more bandwidth available than you could ever use, it won’t benefit you if your cables come up short or if you only have a single output when more are actually needed.

Addressing the shortcomings of your setup is just a matter of finding the right extenders and other parts for the job. From DisplayPort and HDMI to serial and VGA connections, Connectivity Center has developed both wired and wireless solutions for connecting your displays and your outputs together. Add many more meters to your HDMI output using one of our Ethernet-based extenders and retain remote control over your connections with one of our add-on IR extenders. We also have extenders for fiber-optic patch cables that allow you to extend your DisplayPort connection by hundreds of meters.

When the number of displays outnumber the number of available outputs, you can insert our splitter/extender boxes into your setup to add both range and extra ports. Whether you want to feed two screens or eight displays, our splitters/extenders will help you get more out of your uncompressed digital audio and video while carrying the signal further and without compromising quality.

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