Audio & Video

Often times, the solution to your audio/video problems is just an adapter or extension away. Split, extend, convert and switch your way to achieving your optimal audio/video setup by selecting from a massive assortment of hubs, cables, converter boxes, adapters and other accessories found in our inventory.


When the signal is robust enough, why not make it go farther? With our collection of audio and video splitter, you can share more of content with more output devices to delight more eyes and ears.


Take your audio and video signals farther, whether it’s just another meter to meet and output or much farther to liven another space entirely with sights and sounds.

Switches and Selectors

Streamline the process of going from input to input with our switches and selectors. Instead of having to unplug and reconnect, toggling between audio output device and displays is just a matter of flipping a switch of pressing a button.

Converters and Presentation Accessories

Flawlessly execute your presentation without those hiccups that can derail your content and your message. Poor quality and incompatibility can attract the wrong type of attention to your presentations, but you’ll find plenty of solutions and alternative answers in our inventory.

Music Accessories

Deliver the right kind of distortion, if that’s your thing. Don’t let worn or inadequate music equipment detract from our musicianship and artistry when you get ready to take your show on the road of record your best riffs in the studio.

Wall outlets and Boxes