1m, HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter Cable

HDMI Male to DP Male
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With an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter cable, you can instantly enjoy audio and video from an HDMI source device on a DisplayPort monitor. Our one-meter cables have both a male HDMI end and a male DisplayPort end, meaning you can directly connect your source and your screen without separate adapters, power supplies or software. Our HDMI to DisplayPort cables are ideal for connecting laptops, Ultrabooks, game consoles and other devices to a monitor or projector, letting you watch movies, edit video or play games in stunning HD quality.

Each high speed cable complies with the latest HDMI, DisplayPort and HDCP specifications, with support for 1080p HD, 4K Ultra HD and multi-channel digital audio signals up to 7.1 surround sound. Thanks to EDID, your digital display will instantly describe its capabilities to your HDMI source, which will then adjust what signal it sends. Thanks to this and other great Connectivity Center adapter cables, you can link devices of all kinds while still getting the most out of each. Note that this adapter cable is NOT bidirectional.

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