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17″ LCD KVM Switch Classic, Single Rail U16C, US layout

1U high keyboard, touchpad and 17″ LCD screen for your 19″ server cabinet with 16 port Switch!
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The LINDY Modular KVM LCD Terminal is a great space saver, featuring a high-quality 17″ Active Matrix TFT LCD display, notebook style US keyboard with separate numeric keypad, and touchpad all in just 1U! The complete drawer slides in and out of a 19″ rack to provide a convenient user console. The modular design of this terminal allows you to add support for multiple servers, simply purchase an 8 Port U8C KVM Switch or 16 Port U16C KVM Switch and complete a simple installation, alternatively you can buy this console bundled with an 8 Port KVM switch or bundled with an 16 Port KVM switch. The LCD Terminal also has a fully featured OSD (On Screen Display), allowing the easy set up and management of the console, and supports resolutions up to 1280x1024.

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